Thursday, April 6, 2017

April ARMS Week 1

Whether or not fitness has been part of lives for a short while or as long as we can remember, let's join forces to get our arms ready for cute tanks and summer shoulders and reduce that pesky area known as "Bra Strap Fat" with April ARMS Workouts! 

Each WOD (workout of the day) is easily modified if you have issues with knees or spine. It is my suggestion, you attempt the recommended reps and sets ONLY to the point of your level of comfort. Push through fatigue, but not at the expense of injury. As always, engage your core to support your spine. This means--> tighten your abs as if you were about to be punched in the gut, but can still talk!

Just to make things fun, each WOD is paired with a 2017 National or International Day and a fun tank to inspire you! Should you jump on social media, snap a pic of your workout with the hashtag #AprilARMS -- You'll prob see many others at all fitness levels doing their own arm WODs!

Below are the first 8 days where you can learn the most of the basics to build on for the remainder of the month:

#AprilARMS + April Fools Day is kinda hard to take seriously. So, let's do 1 SET of Girl Push-ups! That's 10 push-ups. If knees won't permit you to do girl push-ups, try *Wall Push-ups standing with arms straight ahead at shoulder-height, fingers spread on wall with feet slightly behind shoulders. Engage core. Press into a push-up toward the wall! Don't Whine! Your arms are gonna look great ...and I ain't foolin'!

Don't be disheartened...the fact is "spot reducing" does't really work. We can't erase an undersirable fatty spot with exercise. BUT, WE CAN (1) change the appearance by strengthening and developing the muscle(s) in the area and (2) reducing fat with nutrition! ARE YOU READY for#AprilARMS?

It's National Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Day! Celebrate with a PB&J and Bent-Over Lateral Flys for #AprilARMS Day 2! 

Here's how: Stand, bent over with soft knees & straight back. Engage core. With arms extended down with or without weights (or 1 jar of PB + 1 jar of jelly), "fly" arms up to shoulder height and back down = 1 rep. Do 2 sets of 15 reps (flys) with 1 minute rest between (2 sets/15 reps/1 min rest).

You are so gonna SLAY this #AprilARMS WOD (workout of the day) on WORLD PARTY DAY! 
Turn on some music that makes ya wanna boogie! Standing with feet comfortably under hips and arms at sides. Raise arms up to shoulder-height (This is known as a lateral) and make small circles forward for 2 minutes and, then, small circles backwards for 2 minutes. Lower arms! SEE? You're a SLAYah!

I know you will appreciate today's #AprilARMS WOD (workout of the day) on TACO TUESDAY! Here's why... It'll help you eat your tacos!
BICEP CURL: Stand with feet under hips and elbows bent at waist (with or without weights or tacos) and simply curl your fists, weights or tacos up toward shoulders and lower back to waist = 1 rep. Do 2 sets of 15 reps with 1 min rest between sets. (2 sets/15 reps/1 min rest) Then, do the --->
BICEP CURL w/ OVERHEAD PRESS: Follow the instructions for the bicep curl up to shoulder and, then, raise both arms overhead rotating palms facing forward, lower rotating fists back to shoulder position, then, to waist = (2 sets/15 reps/1 min rest between sets). NOW, ENJOY THOSE TACOS!

It's National Walking Day! Walking is a great low impact cardio boost to keep your body burning calories and strengthen your heart! Also, It's #AprilARMS Day 5 when you choose either an Elbow or a Straight Arm Plank to hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 
A Straight Arm plank looks like the up-position of a push-up. Elbow (or forearm) Plank has you down on your forearms with elbows under shoulders. For either plank, you'll engage core to support the straight back, up on toes with legs extended and push back into your heels. Hold for :30 seconds to 1 minute. Don't hold your breath! It's ok if you start shaking, because that means your body is fighting for it! Great job!

Aaaah! You've slid right into your first #AprilARMS REST DAY! No pain, no regret nor funky attitude is sticking on you because it's National Teflon Day and you can take the heat!

Having flexibility makes life a little easier in reaching and stretching for those everyday items, like zippers on the back of our dress. Periodically, we'll measure the flexibility of our arms, shoulders and upper back with the ZIPPER TEST, COW FACE and ELBOW TWIST. An explanation will arrive, soon!

WHAT IF you were given a day's pass on cleaning toitees, ironing, mopping, etc? Well, today's your day, because it's NATIONAL NO HOUSEWORK DAY! 

Be the Sweat Queen of the House and punch with some aggressive #AprilARMS for 2 mins each of jabs, (fish)hooks and cross-body punches! Remember, power those punches from the hips and save the elbows by refraining from the full arm extension...and, then, you can do an "earth down" with some sweat iced tea... and a mint leaf!

Hey, Beauty! Curl your elbows up to shoulder level, press palms (as in prayer) and elbows (in front of face) together, pulse up still keeping palms and elbows together, and bring back down = 1 "prayer pulse" or "chest press pulse" rep. 

Do as many as you can to your fave jam or in 3 mins! Oh, and it's National Zoo Lovers Day, you Beast-ette!

So, if you're just joining the online groups for these workouts, do all of these or some of these, this weekend, to catch up. Any questions or added tips? Look for the next week of #AprilARMS in your inbox by signing up for this blog OR, for a daily slice, by following REFIT with Sam i AM on Facebook.

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