Sunday, April 9, 2017

April ARMS Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of #AprilARMS where we're strengthening and developing the muscles of the arms, upper back, shoulders, and reshaping the muscles of the icky "bra strap fat" area.

As a reminder, each WOD (workout of the day) is easily modified if you have issues with knees or spine. It is my suggestion, you attempt the recommended reps and sets ONLY to the point of your level of comfort. Push through fatigue, but not at the expense of in jury. As always, engage your core to support your spine. This means to tighten your abs as if you were about to be punched in the gut, but can still talk!

This week will be a little more strenuous. Keeping muscles moving will actually help with the soreness. It's your choice to add weights, resistance bands, or to add nothing at all simply using controlled muscle movements!

Your momma gave you a name. It's a good one. Now's your chance to give yourself a moniker that matches the YOU inside! National Name Yourself Day says so! To seal the deal, drop down for 20 Girl Push-ups (or do the Wall Push-Ups) AND 20 Swimmers (it looks like Michael Phelps doing the breast stroke)! At the end, try that new name on for size by saying, "I am ________." 

It's National Siblings Day, but #SwoleSistas don't have to share bloodlines! She's the girl working out in class beside you or sweating it out in an online group, like with #AprilARMS. Today and tomorrow, we will repeat the WOD and measure our flexibility on either of the days.
Table Tops: With or without weights; (starting position) Lift arms laterally with elbows bent forward, (second position) rotate elbows/forearms up as if lifting something from the table top, (third position) bring elbows/forearms together in front of face and, then, reverse the order = 1 rep. (3 sets/15 reps/1 min rest between)
Overhead Tricep Extensions: With arms extended and fists together over your head, bend elbows dipping fists behind head while keeping triceps near ears = 1 rep. (3 sets/15 reps/1 min rest between)
Bent-over Flys: Stand, bent over with soft knees & straight back. Engage core. With arms extended down with or without weights, "fly" arms up to shoulder height and back down = 1 rep. (3 sets/15 reps "flys"/1 minute rest between)
Tricep Kickbacks: Stand with feet hip-width apart and with soft knees. Engage core leaning slightly forward from hips. Place fists (with/without weights) at the side of hips and extend the arm straight back in a "kickback" and return back to hip = 1 rep. (3 sets/15 reps/1 minute between)
ADD THESE 3 EXERCISES 1x each week TO MEASURE AND PROMOTE SHOULDER MOBILITY, check out this video for the ZIPPER TEST (sitting or standing), COW's FACE & the ELBOW TWIST, <CLICK HERE> or highlight & paste the following link into your browser:

Let's go waaaaay back old school to 8-track tapes and tape players to celebrate National 8-Track Day! Google it, if you don't have a clue. HA! Or, ask your momma or grandma! The continuous loop of tape in a plastic case played 8-tracks of instruments or vocals. If left in a hot car, the tape stretched out and warbled the music -- unless, you slipped a penny or nickel to the side of the case to press it tight within the stereo player! Today's #AprilARMS WOD is a repeat from yesterday!

You'll want to plan ahead for lunch and dinner, because it's National Grilled Cheese Day! A very good thing to help heal sore muscles with protein after doing today's #AprilARMS. <eek!>
SIDE PLANK with PRESS: Get into the position of a Straight Arm Plank (the upward position of a push-up) up on toes with arms extended and hands just to the outside of shoulders. Pivot and shift hips back to the left in a SIDE PLANK while raising right hand to ceiling. Bend elbow and touch back of head or ear with finger tips. Feet and ankles are either stacked or in line to provide balance. Keep hips high with spine aligned. Crunch or PRESS elbow toward front of chest and back up. Performs 5 more crunches/PRESSes. Then, lower arm back to the floor to switch to the right. To MODIFY: Bend the lower knee on the floor for stability.
You are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! You made it to another #AprilARMS R-E-S-T DAY! If you're muscles are S-O-R-E, that's good! Take some time throughout the day to stretch those muscles to keep them moving instead of stiffening. #MotionIsLotion G-O-O-D J-O-B! In fact, encourage your friends to s-t-r-e-t-c-h or r-e-s-t with you while playing an easy game for National Scrabble Day!
Hey, WONDER WOMAN! It's National Reach High as You Can Day! Really! As you get out of bed AND as you stand from sitting, lift those arms high, up on toes and stretch as if you were about to fly! It will help keep you lubed up from this week's strenuous workouts! Speaking of workouts... today's #AprilARMS WOD will have you feeling like a superhero!
Front & Lateral Raises: Standing with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing straight forward and arms extending down. Engage core. Raise arms to shoulder height, lower back down, and, then, lift laterally (straight out from the sides) and lower back down to legs = 1 rep. (3 sets/12 reps/1 minute rest between)
Hitchhiker: This is pretty much as easy as it sounds with a mobility focus toward the shoulder. Again, stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward and arms extending down. Now, stick out thumb on right hand, curl bent arm in front of chest and back toward the shoulder = 1 rep. (3 sets/15 reps. Change thumbs)
Welpst, it's National Take a Wild Guess Day dually with File Your TAXES Day. Actually, I THINK we have until Monday before we must have the tax forms or extensions filed, because April 15th is on a weekend. Hopefully, you filed early and have already received your refund check. If not you'll be doing laundry late in the day because you're busy filling out those tax forms. 
While waiting on the spin-cycle, try Triceps Chair Dips using a kitchen chair. Sit in a sturdy chair (that won't tip over) holding on to the front corners with fingers facing forward and elbows pointing backwards with a slight bend in the elbows. Slide booty off the front of the chair or bench with legs stretched out forward. Straighten arms keeping a slight bend in the elbows and lower or DIP your booty until your arms are about 90 degrees. Keep spine close to chair. At the bottom of movement, press hands into chair and straighten arms back up to starting position = 1 rep. (1 set/15 reps)

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