Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Laundry Hack

You just washed your sports bra, socks, leggings, tank or tshirt and it smells spring clean... 

...UNTIL the first 5 minutes of your next workout. Then, the foul odor of B.O. or chicken noodle soup or funky monkey butt or that fishy down-there-smell rises to your nose. 

TIP: Add a cup of plain old white vinegar to the laundry detergent in the washer. Initially it may take a couple of washings to remove the smell. 

Repeat, as needed, throughout the year to keep your fitness apparel, activewear and athletic swag smelling clean and fresh! Works for everyday undies and bras, too!

Gotta laundry hack? Lemme know!

Friday, February 10, 2017

I LOVE Skirt Sports

I'm in, again! 

It's my second year to be selected as an Ambassador (captain) for my fave sports apparel! 

I LOVE this company! 

When the media exploits only thin is healthy...
When too many fitness clothing companies overlook women with curves...
When strong and beautiful doesn't match popular opinion...
When you personally feel "modest is hottest"...

...there is a company which dares to be different empowering women --sizes 0 to 22-- with self-confidence and providing flattering prints and designs made of high quality, industry tech fabrics!

Skirt Sports® knows real women move!
Skirt Sports@ is aware real women have real bodies!
Skirt Sports® believes real women are real inspiration!
Skirt Sports® celebrates real women being real athletes!
Skirt Sports® outfits real women who want to look cute!

Just look at this picture. There is no body-shaming among women who seek to build each other. These women are confident and look amazing. They are athletes. All of the marketing is based around friends, ambassadors and customers, just like these women pictured!

Whether you are a girl who walks around the block or runs ultra marathons, Skirt Sports® is for you!
Whether you ride, spin, mud, lift, climb, toss tires or nail the crow pose, Skirt Sports® is for you!
Whether you do fitness solo or in a room full of friends, Skirt Sports® is for you!
Whether you feel you have limited ability or are a skilled professional, Skirt Sports@ is for you!

I challenge you to look around and not find something that catches your eye or meets your need. When you do find something, use the current discount code to the right of this article just below the Ambassador Stamp which will save you 20% off full-priced and sale-priced items. Hey, just for signing up for the Skirt email gets you 15% off!

The Dessert menu for some of my fave pieces?

If you have questions about some styles, ASK ME. I may be able to answer how it fits me.