Friday, August 1, 2014

Sam's Middle Half

Back in June a couple of weeks prior to my 50th birthday, my hubby and I joined the limited registrants for the Murfreesboro Half Marathon commonly referred to as "The Middle Half." It's a fast, flat course everyone says is great for newbie HMers and helps their PRs/PBs (personal record or personal best) sparkle.

Today marks 70 days until the gun starts the race on October 11. I'm feeling anxious. 

As of this writing, the farthest I've gone using intervals (running with walking intervals) is 8 miles. A half marathon is 13.1 miles. So far, my training has been casual, but it's time to focus. I've never done anything like this. And, already it's pushing me waaaay beyond my comfort zone. Did I mention I'm feeling anxious? I'm gonna be straight up with ya... I need help!

I have 2 requests:

  1. Follow me on Twitter at @SamaleeAllen or on Instagram at @samaleerose.
  2. Daily/Weekly/Sporadically send some motivation or a swift kick-in-the-pants my way using the hashtag, #SamsMiddleHalf.

That's it! I plan to live my training socially out loud to hold myself accountable which will serve, also, as a strong motivator. Your digital cheers will mean a great deal to me. Thanks, in advance for your support!

<inhale> Ok. Here we go! <exhale>

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Day at Apple

Too slowly do I catch-on my hostess, Shirley, has set a course toward 1 Infinite Loop. Apple. Once realized I exclaim that I will be the envy of many at my church who are the Apple Loyal.

While waiting in the lobby of Building 6 for our personal tour guide (Pam a 14-year director who is making a difference in the recycling initiative for repurposing old products) the faint fragrance of Macintosh Apples wafting catches my attention. How clever! It seems the ventilation system of each building is infused with the scent. We sign in on the new computer which prints out my name badge permitting entry. I swallow down a shriek of delight. 

It's Monday New Hire Day with a line of hopefuls filing into the atrium of climate-change-variable trees where sets a diorama of the planned "Mothership" to land just down the road in Cupertino. I'm not embarrassed to snap a sacred photo with my outdated iPhone 4.

We walk through guarded double-glass portals to the center garden,hub to all six buildings on the campus of Infinite Loop. Long blades of drought-tolerant grass serve as seating to many idealistic young brains chomping on lunch and surely talking in whatever code idealistic, young brains converse. 

A soulful foodie, my heart leaps with joy over what greets me in the cafeteria, nay, nourishment center of this techie universe! Food stations with enough variety to feed Olympians. I opt for the Mediterranean Whole Bowl from the power foods bar with Baby Spinach, Roasted Chickpeas, Cashew Tzatziki, Toms & Cucs, Almond Hummus and Quinoa! Texture and flavor and happiness!

We settle for a small table shaded from the lovely California sun. Conversation is of answered prayers and of dreams coming to fruition by patience, sweat and hard work. 

Our final stop is to The Company Store. I purchase a couple of branded items side-by-side with Japanese high school students and other fellow loyals.

A couple of quick photos and a hug, later, we retrace our steps through scented facilities and back to the car.

...with my complimentary, crisp apple from lunch!