Calcutta Mercy

My husband, Terry, and I work as the national representative for Calcutta Mercy & Huldah Buntain raising funds and awareness ... and hope for the poor and sick of Calcutta, India.

In the autumn of 1954, a young missionary couple, Mark & Huldah Buntain, stepped off a ship into the "City of Joy" teeming with upwards of 18 million people. Only 9 miles long and four miles wide, Calcutta (now, renamed Kolkata) is severely overcrowded with thousands surviving in slums and on the streets. It has the highest rate in the world for pollution, disease and poverty.

Many migrate to Calcutta hoping for a better life, only to find conditions are similar if not worse than those they left behind.

Our prayer is for God to place us in the right place at the right time to connect with the right people for the right purpose.

If you feel moved to connect for a purpose to use your faith and your skills to make a difference, please contact me through this blog site or email.

*Calcutta Mercy Hospital & Mercy Clinics treat 100,000 yearly with 40,000 at no-charge
*Calcutta Blind School is a residential school for approximately 160 children
*At multiple locations and villages, 25,000+ people are fed six days out of every week
*Buntain School of Nursing provides the highest medical training for young women
*Over 30,000 students are educated in villages and in the city through Project Rhino and Buntain Education Centre and Vocational School
*Red Light Mercy Clinic provides accessible care and safety to over 10,000 prostitutes and their children with a means of alternative employment
*Perform Cleft Palate Surgeries

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  1. I am looking for alternative, but safe options, for my global perspectives trip. I would love to go over my Christmas Break this year. Could you please email me momma sam?;) and we could talk about this being a possibility?

  2. We also praying for you and your wonderful activities.
    Our Mighty Lord bless you and guide you. Amen

    Andhra Pradesh - India.

  3. Thank you, Pastor Pradesh!