Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Book Review: Pathway to the Impossible

Pathway to the Impossible
By Huldah Buntain
India: Devtech Publishers & Calcutta Mercy Ministries, 2009

Always I have loved missions. It seems I have always raised funds for missions. Missions will always be close to my heart. Closer, still, are missionaries --my heroes-- always. Apart from the Bible, if I could encourage you to purchase a book which practically and marvelously demonstrates just how much our loving, living Heavenly Father loves us, it is this collection of memories and miracles fondly recounted by Huldah. For example:

Little Bonnie's Christmas Surprise
Construction of the Hospital: Waters Recede
Vegetable Garden Miracle
Meningitis Healing Miracle
The Blue Dodge Station Wagon & Speed the Light

"It was easily understood that if one only looked at the negative side of Calcutta with its high pollution, disease, poverty and poor living conditions, that staying in Calcutta would definitely be a hardship. ... Calcutta will always remain our greatest challenge, but also our favorite task." --Huldah "Aunty" Buntain

Increase your faith to believe God for the impossible! Proceeds from this book enable Calcutta Mercy Ministries to feed, educate & medically-assist those in need. 

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  1. Sounds like an awesome book. We have a collection of missionary biographies going here. Send me your address. ;) ~Tonya