Book Review

I set goals each year as to the number of books I plan to read (or finish). I like to juggle 3 reads at-a-time because they are usually different genres and because I get bored and because it is how my mind might justify the money spent equivalent to the length of time it takes to read it.

The book review is more of a way to entice you into following "Life from the Center of the Pie" blog, where you'll want to tell me what you're reading. Then, I'll have a seemingly innocent reason to visit Amazon and gorge my Kindle with new reads! So, when my honey asks, "What are you reading?" I can casually reply, "Oh, it's research for my blog."

Click any of the following links, below:

Waitress, I would like some Sky-in-the-Pie...a la mode!
PIE by Sarah Weeks
Pathway to the Impossible by Huldah Buntain
The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon
Fresh Air by Chris Hodges
Life Equity by U. S. Congressman Marsha Blackburn
Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson
The Quilt Walk by Sandra Dallas
Willing to Walk on Water by Caroline Barnett
The Jesus-Hearted Woman by Jodi Detrick
A Harvest of Joy: A Mother-Daughter Memoir by Tammy L. Webb-Witholt
True Sisters by Sandra Dallas

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