Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: PIE by Sarah Weeks

Searching for anything to do with "pie" which could possibly complement my pie-themed blog, I discovered PIE by Sarah Weeks. This is a pleasantly lighthearted read from the perspective of a little girl despite the fact she lost her favorite aunt. Aunt Polly baked pies for the entire town winning awards for pies she never entered into contests. Now that she's taken the secret piecrust recipe to her grave, it seems everyone in town wants to be the next prize winner for pie stardom!

There are pie recipes between each chapter with little notes from "Aunt Polly." If I had a young daughter, granddaughter or niece (who lived nearby), we'd read the chapter and make that pie each week during summer! This is such a sweet book to be shared with someone younger!

P.S. Today is 2-on-Tuesday! At 2pm, watch for #2 blog featuring a pie recipe from PIE!

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