Saturday, July 21, 2012

Resilience on A Dark Knight

Smoke and screams, bullets and bombs,
Sirens are wailing their funeral songs,
but you couldn't kill me, I've been here too long...I am Resilience.

Soldiers or teens, no one was spared
From your possessed intermission, from your insane fair,
But you couldn't kill me, I'm still here...I am Resilience.

Moms and dads are in a frantic frenzy,
It's all out panic cause they can't find their babies
but you couldn't kill me, I'm gonna hold them steady...I am Resilience.

Newscasts rehash about your show of power.
Tellin' your story to shut the door on this horror,
But you couldn't kill me, It's my finest hour...I am Resilience.  

You see I live deep. I live in the rock,
In the hearts and the faith of the people you shot.
And though they are gone, their spirit is not...I am Resilience.

I am stronger than your hate, their pain, or their fear.
I am alive and kicking in the hearts who care.
Just look around, Joker, I am everywhere...I am Resilience.

North, South. I'm world-wide. 
I'm east to west and side to side.  
I am the bounce, the comeback, the rally cry...I am Resilience.

I'm the light in the midst of a dark, dark night. 
I'm the will, the knuckles, the fist in the fight. 
I'm the resolve, the recoil, the fire in the eye...I am Resilience

I'm forever on the move.  I'm as long as it takes.
I'm the last to speak.  I'm the cape you can't shake.
I'm the steel black eyes that are forever awake...


by Terry Allen - after watching the sadness on t.v. and panic of a father searching for his child after the shootings at the Century  Theatre - The Dark Knight Rises midnight show in Aurora, Colorado
Saturday, July 21, 2012 -  2:51am

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