About Me

Initially, I wrote a quick paragraph with just enough characters to fill the space allotted on social media to describe myself.

"I am a believer in God. With all my heart, I adore my husband and my son and new daughter (in-law). It is my desire to walk worthy, creatively and energetically in the calling that is my life."

Allow me to attempt elaborate because One simply cannot truly encapsulate oneself in 160 characters.

I love. 
I love life.
I love God.
I love Terry Allen, who makes my eyes sparkle and my cheeks blush. It was an honor to accept his name on August 23, 1985. I love our journey, together.
I love Dane Allen, who makes my heart sing when he sings. Even now, the dimple on his right cheek still slays this momma's soul.
I love Emily Allen, who made my son's heart sing when she accepted his name on September 14, 2013, and sealed the prayer I whispered twenty years before I met her.

I love working hand-in-hand with my hubby in whatever ministry, we've stepped-into from student ministry, music ministry, pastoring and denominational leadership to traveling this world for Calcutta Mercy raising awareness and funds for the poor and suffering in Kolkata. When home there is a great group of people called LifeNet we hang out with each Wednesday, enjoying good food as we talk over scripture and support one another in prayer.

I love being an Ambassador for I'm Fit Possible and Sweat Pink.
I love coffee or tea. Hot or cold. Why "Or"? Depends on my mood.
I love trying new recipes and restaurants.
I love waking up to a rainy day. 
I love my silver strands. 
I love learning to write.
I love fudge brownies!
I love to smile. 
I love life.
I love.

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