Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Review: The Jesus-Hearted Woman

The Jesus-Hearted Woman: 
10 Leadership Qualities for
Enduring & Endearing Influence
by Jodi Detrick
Influence Resources, 2013
and in association with The Quadrivium Group

The church-world is full of broken-hearted people. What's worse? The church-world being full of broken-hearted leaders.

A compassionate leader and communicator, Jodi Detrick believes "If you have the heart, you can learn the skill." Although this book's title would suggest it is targeted exclusively for the female leader, not a single man could nor would deny the leadership pattern of Christ is for all from those just starting out to those serving for many years in any position. 

Jodi designed each chapter for the reader-leader to draw from her personal leadership experiences through humor, others' lives and God's Word. Ending with a section of coaching questions, a devotional and lesson for the newbie leader, you'll find golden boulders --not nuggets-- of wisdom to immediately put into action.

Are you open to learn? Are you willing to take on the qualities not typically discussed in secular leadership conferences? Are you prepared for that seedling sown in your heart long ago to germinate?

Ok, then! Order your personal copy or several copies for a group development ---> HERE! or at Amazon.

Learn more about a Jesus-Hearted Woman at JesusHeartedWoman.com and about the author at JodiDetrick.com.

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