Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Book Review: A Harvest of Joy

A Harvest of Joy:
A Mother - Daughter Memoir
by Tammy L. Webb-Witholt
Tate Publishing, 2012

No heroine of any historical fiction could quite measure up to the life's journey of real-life woman of courage, Dorothy "Dot" Webb, when the journey includes lives eternally effected. But, wait, this book is a mother-daughter venture. Most of this adventure is and continues to be shared!

Not only has Tammy Webb-Witholt written this book, but has lived it's pages in true living color with the main character. Many hours spent with her mother in the retelling of each event, Tammy has captured her mother's childhood in Alabama to life as a missionary family in Africa to "retirement" often with vivid, emotional details. Dot's humor shines through her daughter's words so naturally there is a seamlessness of literary voice.

The thread of God gloriously using the modest and willing soul for extraordinary service recurs with such consistency, any reader would be moved to offer their own lives anew.

Recently, my hubby and I visited with Dot. I watched as her eyes brightened with a funny story from the missions field and, then, would soften recalling God's provision. I left our visit uplifted in my spirit by this beautiful lady of grace and joy! 

A Harvest of Joy can be purchased on Amazon either as paperback or as a digital download.

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  1. Thanks so much Samalee! I appreciate your constant encouragement!