Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book Review: Draw the Circle

In the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday, the church where my family attends began a prayer focus. The goal was for each member of the congregation to voluntarily purchase and read a chapter daily from Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson in addition to reading the Bible and being intentional about praying. 

Each chapter is a quick read with a personal story to bring the reality of that day's reading to the forefront. The book is a spin-off prayer challenge to The Circle Maker written by the same author.

Our people were encouraged to pray. Prayer could be in the form of speaking aloud, journaling quietly, alone or with a group, done while kneeling, walking or sitting in bed before the light was turned out. If those members had Facebook and Twitter accounts, they could post the time they were praying followed by the hashtag "#LA40Days" like a classified code known only to the participants.

No matter the HOW or the WHEN, the idea was for people to pursue an intimate relationship with God, our living, loving, Heavenly Father. 

Wednesday prior to Easter weekend as the challenge was winding down, several of our church friends expressed they were sad this mutual activity would be completed. The camaraderie of lifting another person's name in prayer and genuinely caring for others' needs has increased faith and motivated faith into action! Here's the truth: Prayer doesn't have to end!

If you are looking to establish a habit of daily connecting with God AND to build faith AND to see your life transformed, look into Draw the Circle as an accompaniment to your spiritual disciplines personally, with your family and as a group.

Have you already read Draw the Circle? What're your thoughts?

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