Monday, April 1, 2013

#FoodiePenPals: March "Mars"

Bonjour! Ça va?
Comment dit-on #FoodiePenPals en français?
(I sooo had to look all that up. Thank you, online French tutorial! Merci.)

What? You don't know about #FoodiePenPals, yet? I signed up at this website ---> click here before the 4th of the month to be matched with another Foodie for one month. I connected with her via email to see if she had any food allergies or preferences. By the middle of March, I mailed a box of fun foods which I felt would represent myself to my pen pal! But, at the same time, a different Foodie (who was matched to me) was mailing a box à moi! How fun is meeting 2 new foodie friends from across the USA? IT'S REALLY FUN! You're gonna wanna do least for one month!

Katie Erickson is my March #FPP from Illinois. I sent her a box of goodies from Tennessee! I had the pleasure of being in the south part of her state, last spring, cruising down a small stretch of the Historic Route 66! She blogs over at Sweetness Hunter. Check out her sweet treats! 

The #FPP who was matched to me simply thrilled my soul! Johanne Beaudoin (a French-Canadian) was born and raised in Quebec, traveled to Viriginia as an AuPair (nanny) and married Mr. Wonderful - It's true, Virginia is for Lovers!

Jo and I share a love for both food and our French heritage. Perhaps you can imagine my anticipation of the arrival of Jo's box. And, then it did: Homemade Choco Chip Cookies, Chocolove bars, fudge and some highly addictive Saffron Jasmine Rice that I could eat every single day of the year!

Included with the Pure Maple Syrup was a copy of her mother's Quebec recipe for Crêpes! I feel like I am one of the family who received the coveted secret recipe!

Waiting until the extended Easter weekend when the family was home, the griddle begged for attention. I ladeled a thin layer of batter and followed her instructions. Just as the edges began to crisp, I flipped the crêpe... Voilà!

Feeling confident I strutted my culinary stuff by filling a couple of the crêpes with fromage de chèvre avec du miel (goat cheese with honey) and drizzled the others with the maple syrup. I'm fairly certain my soul sang...en français!

I encourage you to follow Jo's passion for writing about food at Hungry Quebbie

Oh! Be sure to sign up for #FoodiePenPals at  The Lean Green Bean before the 5th to participate and just maybe you'll be lucky to be matched with Johanne Beaudoin as a #FPP in the coming month!

~Samalee "Sam"Allen


  1. I'm so glad you liked everything! Your crêpes look great! Now I want to make some too... :)

    1. It was def an indulgent morning...and lunch! Thanks, again, for the #FPP box! It was so much fun! My son just polished off the last serving of Saffron Jasmine Rice for lunch. It will be missed by the entire family!

  2. Such a great box! I'm excited to try this in June for the first time!

    1. Donna~ I've been traveling and haven't been able to reply to you. YOU ARE GONNA HAVE FUNE WITH #FPP! In one month you'll have 2 new friends from across our wonderful nation!

  3. I could use a good crepe recipe... any chance you care to share? Your crepes look wonderful!

    Thanks, Cheryl :)

    1. Cheryl~ I would love to share my #FoodiePenPals Mom's Recipe for Crepes! I'm traveling, but could get it to you by the first of June. Is that too late?

    2. Cheryl~ Send me your email address so I can send you the crepe recipe!