Saturday, July 30, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Waitress, I would like some Sky-in-the-Pie…a la mode!

You know those dreams?
The kind you hope to come true in your astrological expanse of imagination?
That dream you’d reveal only to your closest friend after you forced her to pinky-promise not to tell a soul?
Those wild-eyed dreams whereby caution is abandoned because you cannot fail?

Uh-huh, it’s at the forefront of your thoughts, isn't it?

One such personal dream would be to write a book. There, I said it. I would love to author a best-selling novel sending me on a whirlwind book-signing tour across the nation and winning the title of “Most Downloaded e-Book EVER” on My dream doesn’t stop there. NO! My book (or multiple books) is translated and published in several languages with proceeds benefiting missions and humanitarian efforts globally.

Dare I share more of my ridiculously pie-in-the-sky dream?

I am blessed with friends who actually have produced books with rich subject matter and great titles. They’ve seen the fruition of their dreams. For them, no longer is there a pie-in-the-sky dream, because sitting on a bookstore’s shelf is the materialized sky-in-the-pie!

So, this blog entry represents my enthusiasm for those friends who -- intrepidly walking in their calling -- have a gift to share with you, dear reader. Should you nosh down their offerings, a decadent slice of the “pie” awaits you!

As for me, not one word have I penned to a manuscript. I have plenty of creative titles. The fact there is no idea of content is of little importance…for now. ;)

The Dessert Menu:
  • REGGIE  by Reggie Dabbs & John C. Driver
  • STOKED  by Daniel Day
  • Daddy, Do My Socks Match?  by Toby Swager
  • Weekend with God  by Matt Anderson

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  1. If we're being honest, technically having a book on the shelves with my name on it has not satiated my pie-in-the-sky dreaming. There are "No Arrivals", I suppose. :)

    When you write your book, I'll be the first to promote it to my dozens of followers. :) You have a very nice blog voice; it will translate nicely to a manuscript.