Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Review: FRESH AIR by Chris Hodges

Fresh Air
by Chris Hodges
Tyndale Publishing, 2012

After entering a hotel room that smells stale, it's good to either open a window, to switch on the air conditioner or to turn around and walk outside for a gulp of air that is cool and clean.

Alabama Pastor Chris Hodges' life and ministry seemed pretty successful and busy and fruitful, but he felt stale not even knowing when nor how it could have happened. Not even his family knew of the stagnancy that choked his spirit.

I follow Chris on Twitter and saw his book was to release, last month. So, I decided to be one of the first to download it from Amazon. I could have written this book! His words could have easily been taken from a page of my own life at one point. I thought this would be a read only for ministers attempting to  jazz up their pulpit delivery, but Fresh Air is for anyone needing to inhale hope, life, a new start or a deeper walk.

If you, like me, use a Bible-reading plan on YouVersion, a Bible and Devotional app, you'll be happy to know a 14-day devotional became available, this weekend!


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