Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Book Review: Willing to Walk on Water

Willing to Walk on Water:
Step Out in Faith and let God
Work Miracles Through Your Life
by Caroline Barnett
Tyndale Momentum, 2013

Obedient Faith may not be popular. Still, it is required when serving and pleasing our Heavenly Father. Obedient Faith is trusting Him when it does not seem practical, convenient or safe. Obedient Faith is like walking in a God-Fog, where each blind step taken is done so believing His Word as it takes courage to take another and realizing He's trusting you to help build the Kingdom!

Caroline is married to Matthew Barnett and together they co-pastor the Dream Center of Los Angeles, a "volunteer driven organization which finds and fills the needs of over 50,000 individuals and families each month."

Not only does this book relate history of a young, urban ministry, but it is a collection of faith-forward vision casting whereby the hopeless receive Jesus, acceptance, full bellies, skills and hope.

"Use your influence and initiate change where you see a need."

"When God puts something on your heart to do
 and you follow willingly, you can walk on water."

"There is no better confidence booster than knowing
 you are living aligned with God's Word."

"God is on your side. He wants you to accomplish more
 than you could ever imagine."

Why did I purchase this book? In the late 1990's, my honey and I took a small band of cream-of-the-crop senior high school students to serve at the Dream Center for one week. I still refer to and value faith lessons gleaned while I was there.

My life is enriched by the faith of Caroline and the countless volunteer stories, most of which we will never have the honor to read. Again, I am challenged to "find a hurt and heal it, [and] find a need and meet it." I believe your zeal to serve others and God will be renewed while you are reading. And, while you are reading, ask God to be involved in planting ideas to serve in your spirit.

"God does not want fear to dictate our steps of willingness.
He wants us to be obedient."  For more info, click here ---> Caroline Barnett

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