Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Team USA: 2012

~NamasteTwo things I've learned in (2012-1982=30) 30 years of ministry: (1) I can probably accomplish a task better and faster in the time it takes for me to explain it, (2) BUT, ministry is sweeter when shared!

Each summer while conducting the camp program in Camp Jackson in Tennessee, Terry and I had the honor to work with 12 students known as the Crunk Crew. Behind the scenes, it was this team who kept summer camps running smoothly, poised the kitchen and concessions for the yearly health inspection, cleaned the toitees, setting-up chairs in the "Gymernacle-Tabernasium," prepared meals, organized the shirt shack and so much more. It was with these students --even though the faces may change each year and I miss them dearly-- we tried to create FAMILY.

Family equals people related to one and so to be treated with special loyalty.

**Team USA pictured in Mark Buntain's office set-up complete with desk, typewriter, his Bible and memories capturing his life.

**Scott M. of Alabama (We won't hold that against him.) The Kolkata side of CM operations & newly named president of Calcutta Mercy pictured floating on the Ganges River.

The spirit of compassion unites us to raise awareness and funds for the children and families and ministries sponsored by Calcutta Mercy Ministries.

I'm thinking there sure are a lot of Georgia Bulldawgs on this team, Billy.

Each member brings a specialized tool and calling whereby God blends talents and passions into a dynamic team.

**Pictured in New Market, Kolkata. Jason K. (with the surprised look) brings leadership and a heart for the medical he should, because he's married to a doctor! Boomer Sooner! Robby B (behind Jason) a great leader and mentor.

"Christ has generously divided out His gifts to us." Ephesians 4:7 CEV

**Justin Fennell, President of Just-in-Time Communication, Inc. in Georgia, travels most of the year as public speaker/comedian/ name it, he's probably done it and done it well! He is pictured in the bowels of New Market purchasing Indian spices & Darjeeling Tea! 

Although not related to one another by the blood flowing through our veins, the hearts of each member of Team USA are united through the blood of our Savior which flowed on Calvary for our sins.

**Allen A., also of Georgia, pictured with Scott M. (I taste Lemon-Pledge)  journeyed into India to see Calcutta Mercy at work in several villages and in the lives of hundreds of children receiving education,  food and medical care.

**Pictured with Terry (My handsome man!), is David M., and Pastor P. C. Hota (in the middle)! Pastor P. C. has started over 200 churches! Approximately 18 months ago, God stirred him awake and to lead congregation members to safety during a flooding storm! Miracles still happen!

**Lastly, Terry & "Sam" Allen, the  then-current Assembly of God District Youth Directors (DYDs) of Tennessee until April 2012, pictured with Huldah Buntain in her office at Calcutta Mercy Hospital on Park Street.

Mark & Huldah Buntain, planning to spend just one year in Kolkata, became friends with a godly woman, Mother Teresa, and began to make an impact on one of the biggest cities in India by loving people! More than 60 years into the process, the mission continues because two people were willing to go!

God, please call people to give and others willing to go to Kolkata to become FAMILY to little boys and girls of India!


  • Feeding in Kadomtala
  • Baboo Ghat on the Holy River
  • Chai for Everyone!

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