Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Radiant Grace

Sunday. January 22, 2012.

We join part of Team USA for the early service at the Kolkata Assembly of God Church with Pastor Ivan Satyavrata. It is the first of two English services, today, with sweet worship. Our team leader recently named as President of Calcutta Mercy preaches of God's grace and mercy. On campus there are 8 services in 8 different languages!

As you may have heard, Terry and I have resigned as the District Youth Directors of the Tennessee Assemblies of God effective at District Council in April. We will represent Calcutta Mercy raising awareness and funds to further the efforts associated with CM; such as, Mercy Hospital and village clinics in the West Bengal and neighboring states, Nursing School, School for the Blind, Kolkata AG Schools and Bible School, Home of Hope, Kolkata AG Church and feeding 10,000 every day. Our goal at CM is to FEED, EDUCATE and MEDICALLY ASSIST all who have need.
Altar Call in Nepali Svc

At the beginning of the second English service while the choir of Bible School students lead in worship, Terry and I are escorted to the Nepali service held in one of the gyms of the school. Pastor Phillip is a gentle and godly man. He explains that many of the people in his church came to Kolkata for a better life only to discover it rivals what they left in Nepal. We are traditionally honored with silk scarves. Twelve beautiful people give their hearts to Jesus when Terry gives the invitation!

Sheila serving lunch!
Lunch is with Team USA in the home of Pastor Ivan & Sheila Satyavrata, two people who radiate grace and compassion. Sheila has prepared a groaning board of savory, spicy Indian fare, most of which I can't spell. Bengah or Begun Bartah is my new fave: Roasted eggplant blended with chilies and coriander (You and I call it cilantro)! 

Benny Prasad - Musicianary
Most of Team USA takes the evening to recover from jet-lag. NOT US! We join about 200 students at church for a concert of worship with "musicianary" Benny Prasad from Bangalore and his custom designed guitar/harp/drum and a blended band from America featuring Dilip Kurian and Brandon Bee. Look up all 3 on Facebook & iTunes! It is comparable to our worship services at Camp Jackson and youth convention! We jump and sweat and praise Jesus with all our might!

The Holy Spirit, again, reminds me of my theme verse, Matthew 5:14, when Brandon Bee stood alone singing of the redeeming grace of the Radiant Son. "The Light overcomes what the darkness has done." God, use every part of me to illuminate hope to those who think darkness has won.
Chai for the Fearless!

To cap off the night, I enjoy Chai on the street. We are fearless! 

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  • Bishnapur Mercy Clinic & Village
  • Hi, I'm Queen "Sam" Allen. You can call me "Goddess Divine."

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