Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Got My Flippy-Floppies!

My husband, Terry, and I have been walking in this new patch of God-Fog since April, when we officially resigned as District Youth Directors, state leaders for student ministries in our denomination. We took on the responsibility as representatives for Calcutta Mercy Ministries. When I say we, I really mean he.

Working hand-in-hand in ministry with him even before we  said, "I do," I know how to observe, find a need and, then, try to meet it. But, we aren't the lead pastors or on the staff at our local church. We aren't directing camps or coordinating statewide events. To walk through this particular God-Fog of Faith has --occasionally-- had me more than a little disoriented. As a result, I --occasionally-- have felt lost, disengaged and, sometimes, bordering on feeling obsolete. 

Unsettling, huh? Until several girlfriends-in-ministry asked how they could partner with us. They love Jesus. They love me. And, they love kids! Now, that's a defogger if ever I've  seen one!

In January of this year, I visited the Kolkata Blind School. It's a resident school meaning, the children live, are educated, eat their meals and play on campus, like a boarding school. There were 160+ beautiful children who knew they were loved. Some completely blind and some with partial sight. I fell in love with them! So, when my girlfriends-in-ministry asked how they could partner with us....<DING, DING, DING>...God cleared some of the fog!

Different Tennessee boys and girls ministries took on projects of purchasing and providing flip-flops for the sweet children in the Kolkata Blind School! I've been told most of the flip-flops have been decorated with complimenting materials to add texture for little fingers which will be eager to "see" their gift from the USA.

More photos from these events...

Think you may want to get involved? More projects... (1) Presently, another girls ministry group is working on handkerchiefs for the children during cold and flu season. (2) I'm anxiously working on the shipment information for the flip-flops and hankies. (3) Recreation equipment specifically designed for blind children. (4) Child Sponsorship! (5) Top floor of new dorm needs to be completed so children on the waiting list can attend!

I'm grateful to my girlfriends-in-ministry. Although you may have thought you were blessing Indian kids, my G-I-Ms, you were ministering to me as precious GEMS! Thank you!



  1. Great post...the kiddos are gonna love their flippy floppies!

  2. Love. Got bunch of hankies. Let me know the best way to ship.

  3. I'm so excited to announce the flip-flops will make a long journey to the Kolkata Blind School, NEXT WEEK, when those sweet children will receive their gifts from the Tennessee Boys & Girls!
    I'll post pix when I have them! If you would like to donate plain flip-flops or "slides" for boys, too, I'll need them by Saturday morning, July 28.