Sunday, July 1, 2012

Really, I'm Exercising!

Wow! When God changes the direction of your present life, things can quickly pick up speed. I can, now, sheepishly admit to being a sometimes-blogger, which is a huge step from being last year's newbie-blogger.

Does such a thing exist as "rules" to blogging? If so, I'm sure I've unconsciously broken many an ardent blogger's commandments. Chalk it up to my lack of university or my non-hipster status. Know that I'll continue to work the teeny-weeny, literary muscle that blogging provides to anyone who is willing to workout or for you to take a gander.
Soon --I cross my heart-- a new post, "I Got My Flippy-Floppies," will enter cyber infamy and, hopefully, will cheer at least 2 minutes of your day.

...Oh, I have a new email to go along with that new direction in my life, ...But, to make me feel like I'm strengthening as a blogger (and that someone, anyone is reading these posts), please, please, PLEASE drop a comment, here.
New Post Coming Soon: I Got My Flippy-Floppies!


  1. I've got my floppy floppies too! Can't wait to see what you decide to blog about next.

  2. i'm reading! :) maybe we'll run into each other sometime in the next 6 months while we're in the states!

  3. I can hardly wait to connect with the growing Willifords to hear your exciting stories of living abroad in the Phillipines! It's hard to believe it wasn't long ago when John asked you to marry him during the TN Youth Convention! I'm so glad you said, "Yes!" Terry & I were sweating it. HA!