Wednesday, February 22, 2012

T.I.I. - This is India! (part two)

(part two)...

After lunch at Kolkata Assembly of God Church, Team USA boards the Mercy Hospital bus bound for a quick trip to the Kolkata Blind School. Director Jabesh Dutt greets us as the children are dismissing from class. Moving in pairs several boys have found their way to us. Their fingers are light as butterfly's wings touching my fingers and wrists and pressing all of the buttons on my watch. Another group has encircled Terry finding his bald head amusing!

The campus includes a boys dorm, a girls dorm, a chicken house remodeled into classrooms, a small farmyard, a front lawn for recreation and a building being constructed to serve as the new chapel and school. The new building is a 3 floor structure, but only 2 floors have been completed. The top floor will be a dorm for the boys, but presently there aren't enough funds to complete the structure. God, I don't know how nor how much it'll cost, but I believe it's possible for us to raise the money for this project.

The students have planned a special assembly with flowers, songs and a rockin' percussion section! These 161 blind children know, here, they are fed and clothed and Someone loves them. Their backgrounds are tragic. Some are nightmarish. Being born into a low caste system is a strike against One. Add to that being born blind and a female usually seals One's fate: left for dead in the dump or becoming the financial bread-winner of the family by begging on the streets of Kolkata. This is India.

I choke up as one group of older girls sing, "...I once was lost, but now am found. Twas blind but now I see." Then, with arms raised high, the entire school sings, "Yeeeeeees, Jesuuuuuus loves meeeee!" It's almost too much for this momma. They can't see it, but I'm smiling and tears are about to breach the levee.

The middle portion of my theme scripture for this trip comes comes forward, "...Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on a stand and it gives light to everyone in the house." These children have received the Light. I could stay at Kolkata Blind School for the remainder of the day.

But, it's time to go.

Huldah at Wedding Reception 
I've showered and have attempted to have pretty hair for tonight's wedding reception for Bonnie & Jim Long's youngest son (Huldah's grandson) and his new bride. It's a traditional Indian affair. I've got 12 minutes to slip into my new selwar kameez and dupatta and be downstairs. I'm sweating. My hair is frizzing. Good Grief! I can't get my size 9 foot through the bottom of my fancy, red britches! Slight panic. No! Plan B: Leggings. I've never worn leggings until this trip and, now, they must serve as my pants! Oh, well. As the saying goes, "T.I.I. - This is India."