Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Young SHEro

If ever the world was desperate for a super hero, today is ripe. And, I know one. A super SHEro named Haven

Even her name sounds like she'd fit into Marvel Comics' band of X-Men! When I tell you what feat this one accomplished, you'll agree Tennessee is home to our own heroine.

Christmas 2012, my hubby and I were asked to present Calcutta Mercy Ministries during a missions fair at Hope Assembly of God in Fayetteville, where Haven's parents, Ben and Tammy Johnson pastor. Ethnic foods were prepared and missionaries from around the globe were featured. Financial commitments were prayed about to support these missions. Such a great night for adults! 
me. Ben. Terry. & Tammy!

Quietly in the room, a young heart was moved by what was heard and seen on the video. Children of all ages in Calcutta, India, receiving a meal each day, 6 days a week, each month of each year. Hundreds of babies born, sometimes abandoned due to social and religious superstition, with cleft palates and cleft lips. Quietly in the room, the heart of a SHEro was beating in rhythm with the Father's heart.

But what can a young girl do?

Mariah had us celebrating
with dessert before dinner! (as it should be)
Haven decided to raise funds by asking people to match each basket she scored during eleven games with $1. One basket = One dollar or whatever a person could donate. She gathered sponsors and created a poster tracking her progress. By the end of the season, Haven had scored more than 100 points!

We met the Johnson Family for GiGi's Cupcakes and a celebration dinner (in that order)! Then, it was the check presentation time. Haven had raised $646! 

She raised enough money to pay for one child to have cleft palate/lip surgery and speech therapy rescuing and sheltering that child from a life of misery and alienation. Additionally, this preacher's kid had raised enough money providing approximately 1,800 meals! 

Haven Johnson is a SHEro to people she may never meet in Calcutta. Haven Johnson is my SHEro. 

Next time, you're overwhelmed with the desperate needs of the world, think of young Haven and her willingness to align her abilities with the mission of the Creator of the universe.

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