Thursday, January 31, 2013

#FoodiePenPals: January

Tripping around some blogs I started following over the holidays, I discovered a fun little program for Foodies like me!

What's a Foodie? Much debate --sometimes heated-- centers on the definition. Some feel the name describes one who is obsessed with researching and preparing fine or specific food. Others claim to be a foodie based on their enjoyment of good food. While there is a sect which debates that only those in the industry of creating gourmet food products can claim the title. 

The Foodies I follow fall into a familiar flock for the fervor of food! You're gonna try to say it 3 times as fast as you can. Aren't cha?

Here's how it went: I signed up at this website ---> click here to be matched with another Foodie for one month. I connected with her via email to see if she had any food allergies or preferences. By the middle of January, I mailed a box of fun food to my pen pal. But, at the same time, a different Foodie (who was matched to me) was doing the same! BAM! Two new Foodie Friends in one month from across the USA! 

So, here's the deal...Today, the last day of the month, is Reveal Day, when we publicly and social networkly (I know it's not a real word) thank our fellow #FoodiePenPals for taking the time and money to gather a surprise box of fun foods they feel represents us! I gotta tell ya, my pen pal was spot-on!

Charissa (a lovely, feminine name) Wylie packed a box full of plant-based snacks which will allow me to participate in a SuperBowl XVII festivity, this weekend, without kicking my nutrition goals out of the new year! THANK YOU, CHARISSA! I can't tell just how much that means to me!

While traveling in Montana, I sent my Foodie match, Allison Palestrini, a little box representing "The Last Best Place." Thanks, Alli, for thanking me in your blog: Time Machine Taste Tester.

And, thanks, Lindsay Livingston, for the great idea (and management) of Foodie Pen Pals!

If you're a Foodie like Charissa, Alli, Lindsay and me, YOU should come forward the fare with the rest of us #FoodiePenPals! Sign up at the website listed at the top of this post by early February 4.

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