Tuesday, January 7, 2014

ImpACT Challenge 2014!

Wanna stay ACTivated?

Starting Sunday night, January 12, a stress-free, do-able nutrition & fitness challenge will be posted on a private ImpACT Challenge 2014 Facebook page and will run through April 12. This can be added to your current workout plan or become your plan to help you stick to your New Year’s goals with a supportive online group who knows “Nothing Changes Until You ACT!

Here’s how it goes…

Join the private ImpACT Challenge 2014 Facebook page. (Message me on Facebook so I can add you.) However, if you don't do Facebook, feel free to post on this blog and we'll work something out!

Check back on the ImpACT Challenge 2014 page (or here) each Sunday night for the nutrition and fitness goal for the week.

• That night or the next day, set a realistic weekly “ImpACT” goal based on your activity goal for that week. You can include your type of fitness into the goal. Post your ImpACT goal (in points) on the private ImpACT Challenge 2014 Facebook page (or here). You get a point for every 10 minutes of your fitness activity (CrossFit, strength, biking, swimming, Zumba, etc.) or 1 point for every mile ran/walked.

10 minutes of your activity = 1 ImpACT Point
1 mile of walking, jogging, running = 1 ImpACT Point

• Then, as you rack up the points, post how many you earned for the day. Example: If I goaled 20 ImpACT Points for the week on Monday and did 30 minutes of CrossFit on Tuesday, it would look like this → 3/20. The next day you may jog for 4 miles. Your post would read 7/20 adding the new 4 points to the 3 from Tuesday. And so on, until you reach your goal!

Each of Sunday's nutrition and fitness challenges can be a supplement to your weekly ImpACT Points goals. If you're a walker or P90X enthusiast, consider adding the weekly nutrition and fitness challenges to your weekly workout plan!

Be sure to post your goal each week and post accomplishments! We will have RANDOM weekly/monthly drawings for prizes for those posting! Apologies in advance to challengers residing outside the USA who will not be eligible for prizes.

Who's ready to make an ImpACT on their life?

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