Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Smiling at 50: Going Public

4.5 miles. Christmas 2013
The Angry Runner, the moniker a friend laughingly bestowed after I mentioned I never smile while running. I smile doing Zumba Fitness. I've smiled doing Hot Yoga with rivers of sweat rushing off my
elbows. But, never while pounding the pavement have I even given the slightest grin, until...

...Until the day I finally was strong enough, had wind enough to carry me to the top of the hill I could barely walk up the previous summer. I smiled and sounding quite intimidating, added, "I owned you, today!"

...Until a couple of days prior to Christmas when I had James Taylor's Christmas Album playing in my ears while I ran around the park. My intention was to chase down a 5K without stopping. And, I did. I felt good, I ran a quick check over my body to see how I was breathing and moving. Was I loose or were my shoulders tightened up to my ears? How did my heel feel? My pace was steady like a pulse. I smiled and decided to push on to my first ever 4.5 miles. Afterwards, I cried realizing I had just taken a victory lap doing my personal best time and distance!

I intend to smile, again.

One of my [many] 2014 "bucket list" goals going toward and away from age 50, is to run a 10K...88 days away. I've selected the Purity Moosic City Dairy Dash 5K/10K. Even though it's only 6.21 miles, I've built in extra training time to allow for inclement weather, India and that persistent plantar fasciitis.

Going public on my first day of training did not make me smile. I could chicken out. I could settle. But, making my intention known, forces me own the race. Correction: It forces me to own my race. I'm not competing against anyone with the exception of myself.

I'll be brave. I've committed to it. I'm holding myself accountable and asking you to do the same. Even if nary a soul reads this blog, I'm posting my progress.

So, here's to April 12th. 8:30am. Nashville. I'm coming after you with a big, ole cheesy grin! I may go after a Half Marathon in the fall!

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