Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's the Little Things Remix

Following with what Lauren Serks initiated on her blog, I found myself thinking throughout the week about those little things that make me smile and catch me by surprise. Little things are really big things when one has a thankful heart. Things like...

Shoulder Sweat!

This paragraph is difficult to write. No doubt for you, it's difficult to read! Why would I be happy about sweat? I have been a poor sweater as far back as puberty. I tend to get overheated due to the lack of perspiration during outdoor activities and have passed out. Knowing this about myself, I try to be cautious. Recently, I'm sweating more freely during fitness sessions and running and believe it's more than just because I'm 50 years old. <rolls eyes> For whatever the reasons, I'm thankful! 

An extremely gifted friend is launching a business. It's more than that, it's a God-sized, God-given dream! With this launch comes transition from the former employer, mandatory legal, insurance and government yada-yada all while continuing to do the things we wives and moms do. Can you imagine the stress? Here's to a short season of little oxygen and little sleep! I'm honored and thankful to just be her friend and sounding-board!

I received a basketful of summer bounty including one of my faves, beets! I love 'em! More importantly, I love the veggie-givers! Each member of their family is a giver, which makes them a gift to anyone who knows them!

And, speaking of gifts, mine arrived in the mail from my favorite sister-in-law for my 50th birthday! It's a subscription to NatureBox stuffed full with healthy goodies to share...or not.

Is your heart full? Are you grateful
for the little as well as the big things? 
Let me encourage you to take a moment
to journal your reasons for a grateful heart.

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