Monday, December 8, 2014

December Advent Week 2

Monthly fitness or food or photo challenges have been part of my new lifestyle for the past couple of years. But, it's December and those of the childlike heart await the arrival of Christmas and Santa and presents. The only challenge is to not sneak a peek! There have been eleven challenging months. December needs no challenge. December is expectant. December is celebration. December is the crossing off of days to something grand!

I choose to mark the advent of Christmas and the New Year with words of importance and contemplating how I respond to those words, daily. Will you sit with me to mull these words? Will you allow them to unlock a puzzle box inside your spirit preparing you for the future?

If we should accidentally drop a day, we will not sweat it, but will turn around from our too-busy stride to reclaim the word and the beautiful gifts of God's thoughts He has waiting just for us.

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