Saturday, June 13, 2015

REFIT LoveRules Challenge Day 13

Today is all about the love touch. Sounds creepy...but it's not. 

#LoveRules Challenge Day 13: REJECT HANDSHAKES & SIDE HUGS.

Somewhere along the way, we let #FEAR get in the way of our daily #connections. We over-thought our intentions and the intentions of others. We worried about being too soft or misunderstood or too raw.

We decided that hugs needed to be "side hugs" only. Because (gasp!) "What if s/he thinks I'm attracted to him/her?!" 

We decided that #handshakes were more appropriate. "It's more professional" we told ourselves, "I don't want to appear too soft." Pride told us:  No #hugs allowed.

**As a result of this over-thinking, we find ourselves in this strange tension of wanting to offer a #lovetouch -- a physical expression of care, concern or closeness-- but fearful of what that touch might mean or more importantly, what it might make us FEEL.**

Today, express your love (friendship, human-ness) through physical touch. (Don't be dirty, people.) Just saying a hug has massive healing power and hyper-connection abilities. 

We live in a faux-connected world... technology makes us feel super close to one another, but our souls are hollow because screens are a barrier to the closeness we all desire.

So grab someone, today, and hug them.  Big ol' giant bear hug OR GROUP HUG!!!!! Or, at least do the 2-handed handshake ...the one where ya grab their hand with both of yours and squeeze, which says "Yes, I'm hugging your hand!"

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