Tuesday, June 16, 2015

REFIT LoveRules Challenge Day 16

When ‪#‎LoveRules‬ your life, your light is used not only to draw people, but to LEAD people.


We believe everyone has a superpower and that superpower can be used to light the way for someone else. Today, we're urging you to identify your superpower and begin using it to help people around you.

Unsure what your superpower is? Ask yourself these questions:
*What am I good at?
*How do I add value to my family, work or committee?
*What comes naturally to me?
*What compliment do I most often receive?
*When do I feel most confident?
*When I feel joy or happiness, what am I usually doing?

Look for overlap or patterns in your answers...that will help you identify your superpower and allow you to light the way out of your natural gifting!
Will you share one of your answers in the comments below? It'd be great to know what "superpowers" are going on out there!

TODAY -- REFIT® is LIVE on the Periscope App! Join in on the "Accept vs Embrace" discussion OR tap the screen OR sit quietly listening!

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