Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#31DaysofSkirtSports Week 1

Why YES, I AM a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain! Earlier, this year, I was selected to represent this company because I believe in their mission and their products! While Skirt Sports offers shorts and capris for the real women, it's the skirt that drew me in to "Convert to Skirt." I love the compression gear underneath the skirt, which keeps the jiggly from being all wiggly! And, at age 52, I require coverage -- 
cover-age! (I'll leave that one, right there)

Skirt Sports converts, everywhere, are getting in on July's #31DaysofSkirtSports. Let me take you through my first 7 days via my social media accounts...

Day 1. TGIF - Freshly laundered Skirt Sports because #realwomenmove in the Tennessee sunshine!

(Some of my Skirt Sports swag. The grey visor is a BOCO visor for Skirt Sports with a headband at the front to soak up sweat.)

I suggest drip drying your tech gear, but you can always toss it in the dryer on low.

Day 2. Nourish with GOOD FOOD, errday!

(Wearing Happy Girl skirt, colorful Tantrum print)

If you find something you're interested in on the SkirtSports.com website, be sure to enter COP20 at checkout for a 20% discount!

Day 3. A long weekend to run and watch Shark Week shows is like a mini VACATION!

(Skirts Sports Ambassador Trucker Cap - totally free when you become an ambassador! How cool is that?)

Day 4. Feelin' PATRIOTIC, but not skilled at cornhole on Fort Loudon Lake!

Fitness apparel is for any day, not just for fitness activities.

(Wearing Happy Girl, the monochromatic gray Gotham print)

Enter COP20 at checkout for a 20% discount! And, if it's not your thang, the friendly folks in customer service can help you return your purchase.

Day 5. A little TRAILHEAD at Cove Lake State Park of LaFollette, in the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee with our little Zuzu the Shihtzu!

Pictured is my wonderful and supportive hubby who says, "I've been chasing your skirt for years!" 

I'm ok with that!

Day 6. After a day of leading REFIT® fitness classes, foam rolling is tonight's hurt-so-good RECOVERY tool on tight calves and sore glutes. 

#stay dry #alldaylong because #realwomenmove 

(Wearing Happy Girl skirt, Tantrum print)

Day 7. Isolate other muscle groups for whole body fitness  = CrossTrain‬
Runners tend to focus on strengthening the legs when all over conditioning makes for a stronger runner. I targeted my core, this evening, doing mountain climbers, planks, sit ups, roll ups, crunches, and this modified version of mountain climber.
TIP: My wrists don't have a full range of motion, so I elevate using weights when holding a plank or doing mountain climbers.

(Wearing my Skirt Sports Ambassador swag a.k.a online as the "Don't Sweat It Long Sleeve" which is soft as buttaaaahh!)

Totally authorized to extend to you a 20% discount by entering COP20 at checkout, at least through December 2016!

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