Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2-on-Tuesday Recipe: Easy Home-Brewed Mocha Iced Latte

During these long, hot "dog days" of summer, I do enjoy an iced latte or iced coffee and have watched enough baristas to get a bead on a pretty good attempt at my fave flave: #DecafSoyMochaIcedLatte! With a couple of changes, you can stir your inner barista to life, too!

"Mercy Coffee" - Bold Roast 
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup (I chose Special Dark, but milk chocolate would work, too)
Silk Vanilla Soymilk
Ice Cubes

  • Brew "MERCY COFFEE" a bold roast (we're working on a decaf blend) and allow it to cool
  • In a tumbler that has a lid & straw, swirl the chocolate syrup around the sides and bottom
  • Add some ice cubes
  • Pour brewed coffee over cubes leaving room to add vanilla soymilk
  • Attach lid and swirl to stir...it's all in the wrist!
I'm sure you could use caramel syrup OR caramel & chocolate syrups. I've been told the difference between iced coffee and iced latte is a shot of espresso. I dunno, but our Mercy Coffee is a great bold blend for this recipe! Don't get all weirded out over the soymilk. I haven't experimented with vanilla syrup to know how well it would work with your choice of cow milk.

So, after you've barista'd in your own kitchen, let me know...

P. S. "Mercy Coffee" (whole or ground beans) may be purchased from me at $15 per 1 lb bag. The proceeds from each pound will feed, educate & medically-assist approximately 50-100 people! We're working on an online source where you may order. 

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