Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spoken Word from I-40

Earlier this year, Terry and I resigned as District Youth/Student Directors  for our state to change ministry direction and work with Calcutta Mercy Ministries & Huldah Buntain. Driving down the interstate toward our yearly ministers' meeting where a new student director would be appointed, the sense of closure was wrapping around me. I can't really say why I decided to tackle writing a Spoken Word nor why I went with an analogy of student ministry to horse racing. Regardless, I offer to you my very first --and unstudied-- attempt at this creative writing form which informally captures my take on redirecting our ministry focus.

Terry and I are (Destination)-bound
Laden down with gear and Gospel to be spread around
Like race horses pawing the ground
Waiting for the sound to release us.
Oh, please don't think we've forgotten our roots
Ready to shoot out the gate to some so-called better fate
Or high-paying plan
When man does not understand
It is God's hand
Which grips the reins, changes lanes
And spurs something inside us.
We've run in other stake races
And steeplechases in domestic and foreign places
Demanding much of our bit and bridle
And will intentionally set the pace
That ends this race with no arrival...still, glorious.
No doubt at times the grass will look greener
That old opponent, "Slewfoot," look meaner
And our purse seem leaner
As our hooves burn down the track
With sweat down our back.
No! We'll not turn back!
But, always remember
The beat of our heart
When first we did start
Youth Ministry
As we part
Will endearingly
And forever be
A cherished odyssey of
Never Never Land
to us.

It's 2-on-Tuesday! Be sure to stop back by at 2pm for a recipe I made each week during our summer youth & kids camps at Camp Jackson, where I was known as "Momma Sam."


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