Tuesday, April 9, 2013

EnergyBITS by Bits of Health

A first for me! After asking a fitness question on a social media site, I was asked to sample and review a product on my blog. I agreed and Energybits mailed a travel tin full of little green bits of health

The calendar finally cooperated for me to take my bits for a test drive on a couple of long days when work blended into life blended into my workout and dinner was something I blended from left-overs and set out much later. I think my excitement to be potentially Powered by bits may have added to the energy I felt all the way through my hour of cardio. See, that's kind of important as an almost 50 year old girl with silver strands who has recently decided plant-based nutrition would become a way of life for the rest of her life.

Another thing that's kind of important is the possibility of too many bits associated with toxic levels of metals from iron and mercury. I tried to find this info on their website, but didn't spot it, and decided to email my question.

Another first for me...the founder and CEO, Catharine Arnston, replied! How often does THAT happen? She addressed my query and included articles with her reply. It didn't seem to be a robotic form-email, either.
  • I think using spirulina algae is a good nutritional supplement if you know where it's harvested.
  • I think Bits of Health is a great nutritional product, whether you choose Energybits, Recoverybits, Vitalitybits or Skinnybits
  • I think if you are concerned, the company assures these bits are vegan, organic, kosher, gluten-free and non-GMO. 
  • I think if their products are as good as their customer service, I should be powered by bits!
  • I think their products are too pricey for me...but that's just me. You may find them priced appropriately.
And one final thing and, again, another first for me...the company offered YOU a discount! When ordering enter the code "BLOG" for 10% off of your order of bits! Visit either of their websites: BitsofHeath.com or Energybits.com.


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