Monday, June 17, 2013

#BACKonTrACT: Week 3

I need a weekend from my weekend! How about you? With so much going on and celebrating, we can get off track with our fitness and nutrition. Don't feel guilty or starve yourself! Just get up, lace up your tennies and determine to get #BACKonTrACT! 


#BACKonTrACT – Week 3
**Nothing changes until you ACT!**

ReCap Monday

Nutrition: ACTivate Smart Food Choices
(To keep yourself ACTive, you're gonna need a good balance)
    5 small "meals" a day will help keep your energy level up!
    Eat smart carbs and healthy proteins that will keep you powered!
    Empty calories will leave you empty, later, when you need to tap into something!

Fitness: ACTivate Smart Fitness
(Zumba was my ACTion of the day...after running all over the house while cleaning. But here's the deal, because I ate small "meals" earlier throughout the day, I had a smart reserve of energy to tap into at 6pm to carry me through an hour of sweaty, hot Zumba with friends.)


Nutrition: Listen to Your Body!
(Since I've been ACTively participating in plant-based nutrition, my body adjusts and lets me know when it's really hungry AND what I'm hungry for. Occasionally, I want a Five Guys Burger. What's my body really telling me? I need protein! 

Fitness: Listen to Your Body!
(There are days I feel I could run/walk/both for 5 miles. Then, there are days, one mile is a struggle. Try to forget what your fitness schedule calls for, today. Be smart. Forget the timer that demands you go easy for 20 minutes when you know you have one hour in your bones, today!)


Nutrition: Go GREEN!
(How about a green smoothie for one of your meals? Kale is a protein green! Toss half of a banana into the blender with the kale and maybe half of a tart apple. Add 8-12 ozs. of water or a sugar-free juice, like apple. Be brave...add a tablespoon of a nut butter or a couple of chopped, pitted dates!)

Fitness: Go GREEN!
(With the world obsessed about going green and reducing the "footprint" we leave behind, what can we do to lend a hand and, in the process, be fit? Walking to the stores at the other end of the strip mall or shopping village, instead of driving! Are you within biking distance of a park?


Nutrition: Use the Buddy System
(Having an accountability partner will make it easier to make good choices!)
    If you're in a carpool, offer to bring fruit and nuts instead of donuts for the commute.
    Pack your lunch and someone else's, too!
    Be an encourager! 

Fitness: Use the Buddy System 
(Having an accountability partner will make it easier to keep motivated!

    Agree to check-in with each other during the day.
    Perhaps your Buddy can meet you for a brisk walk during lunch.


Nutrition: ReTHINK
(Is it possible to eat 3 servings of veggies before noon? YES!
    Americans tend to eat more sweet options for breakfast. CHANGE YOUR PALATE!
    Add carrot juice to a morning smoothie instead of water.
    How about water-sauteed veggies in a breakfast bowl or wrap with egg whites?
    Pack fresh broccoli and cauliflower for a mid-morning meal.
    Edamame is a yummy treat!

Fitness: ReTHINK
(ReTHINK when you workout or ReTHINK a workout that's stale)

    Set the clock to an earlier time for you to be ACTive before you start your day!
    If mornings are to difficult, schedule yourself into an evening exercise class.
    Attempt a new workout you've never-ever considered in the past. (Spinning, Intervals, Zumba, Weights)

Use Saturday and/or Sunday to prep for the week!
    Preparation helps save you valuable time, later, in the week.
    Fix more time-consuming foods and set in the fridge to access for recipes...
    Or, portion in smaller containers and set in the freezer to access, later!


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