Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not so #BACKonTrACT: Week 2

Um...know when you're just getting back to a routine and you forget and it's not a habit and you could kick yourself in the hind-self region? That's me. 

Here it is late into the week and I didn't write or post anything. I'm not so #BACKonTrACT as I wish I were with fitness, nutrition and blogumenting my goals. To that, I say, "CRUD." Truly, there are days when it just doesn't happen. Fitness calls and I don't answer. Good nutritional choices are pushed aside for the not-so-wise decisions. I'm not falling off the wagon, I just scuffed my toe, a little.

I'm reminded that nothing will change unless I take action. Nope, I don't feel guilty. I'll just do what I know I gotta do to continue to see lower cholesterol, a stronger heart and less fat. When it all comes down to it, I'm still a girl who wants a smaller jean size!


Not So #BACKonTrACT – Week 2
**Nothing changes until you ACT!**

ReCap Tuesday

Nutrition: Whole Food Choices
(whole grains, whole veggies, whole fruits)
    Breakfast: Oatmeal Pancake with Light Agave Syrup & Bananas
    Mid-am/pm: Soy Yogurt, Granola, Broccoli, Carrots
    Dinner: Grilled Corn-on-Cob, Seitan Patties, Baked New Potatoes

Fitness: Moved! 
(I went swimming earlier. My neighbors are letting me borrow their pool while they vacation!)


Nutrition: Left-overs!
(Wednesdays are typically long days for us with work & church. Who wants to cook at 9p?)

Fitness: Tummy Crunches & PLANKS! 


Nutrition: Keep up with Water Intake! Brew Sun Tea!
(What? You've never brewed Sun Tea in the summer?)
    Fill a clean jar with water. As you scew the lid on, leave the tea bag tag on the outside.
    -OR- fill pitcher with water and 1-2 bags. Cover.
    Set jar/pitcher in the sun outside in the morning before you leave.
    When you get home, you'll have brewed tea!

Fitness: 2-a-Day Cardio? 
(Oh, yeah! Desperate times call for desperate ACTion!)
    You can get up earlier. Really. I know you can!


Nutrition: Fulcrum!
You don't spend as much money (in the long run) dining in, but when you go out...
    You can most always find healthier choices on a menu.
    Ask how certain items are prepared, then make your decision.
    Share entrees!
    Skip the fatty dessert or fatty cream in the after-dinner coffee. Ask for fresh fruit!

Fitness: Be ProACTive!
    Remember when you wrote down some fitness and nutritional goals? Share 'em!
    OR...make new goals for the coming week! 

Use Saturday and/or Sunday to prep for the week!
    Print or make your own weekly meal planner using coupons from the newspaper!
    Get recipe ideas from website including www.forksoverknives.com.
    Package out your weekly lunches and mid-day meals for quick access!

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