Wednesday, September 18, 2013

8 Tips to Launch a Lifestyle Shift of Fitness & Nutrition

Find a comfortable and
supportive shoe that
fits your fitness regime!
If you are considering making a lifestyle shift with fitness and nutrition to effect your health, I do have a few of suggestions from my experience...
  1. The first 2 weeks of your new fitness and nutrition lifestyle will be the hardest.
  2. If you can swing it -OR- if your health insurance covers a yearly wellness exam, DO IT! You'll have a good base of numbers to launch forward. Find out cholesterol, weight (ugh), blood pressure, thyroid (TSH) levels, then, you'll know what type of nutrition to pursue. Don't be too overwhelmed if your physician suggests meds to control these areas. Typically they opt for fitness and nutrition as their first prescription.
  3. Find a fitness regime that makes you smile -after the first 2 weeks of fatigue and muscle soreness- and STICK TO IT! Consistency is the key! The cheapest is walking or running. I love Zumba! Known as "The Angry Runner," I am intentionally trying to smile for a couple of seconds during each run.
  4. If there's a nutrition change, the hardest parts are (1) not giving up and (2) food preparation, if you have a busy lifestyle. When I don't prepare a menu or weekend food prep for the meals ahead, my husband and I will end up making poor nutritional choices and it'll cost us more money, too.
  5. Hydrate. You gotta drink more water, especially during your fitness session. Whereas I drink the stuff like a camel (80-100 ozs.) every day, my husband prefers flavor. We purchase water mix-ins. He likes to stir-in the full measure. I prefer to use half. There are conflicting reports as to just how much water a person should consume daily. In my health journey, I've discovered a couple of tell-tale signs in my own body letting me know I need to quench my thirst: Dry mouth and lips, gently pinching-up skin beneath my bottom eyelashes and it stays pinched and, then, feeling really thirsty.
  6. When I start my day with fiber and protein, I don't feel like there's a hollow area in my gut in the middle of my morning. For me, a boiled egg and oatmeal or whole wheat toast is a good, solid start. Sometimes, a green smoothie made with kale is my morning protein boost!
  7. 5 Small Meals! Like many American children, we were taught 3 square meals ending with a large dinner was eating healthy. In my recent quest for good nutrition, I've been eating 4-5 small meals per day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon and dinner. This method seems to be keeping my energy up for evening workouts.
  8. Fitness can be fun, but funner with friends! I've done Zumba and run miles alone and that's ok, sometimes. However, fitness with friends is the best! Why? Laughter, Accountability, Support, Celebration!...or, if you konk-out, someone is there to call 9-1-1! C'mon, I'm just kidding!
I'm sure there could be more suggestions. If you're a late fitness & nutrition bloomer like myself, what's a suggestion you could offer to newbies?

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