Tuesday, September 24, 2013


West African 
Symbol for Humility
The room was dim with the exception of stage lights illuminating a modest chair with a basin of water placed directly in front. The young minister knelt beside the basin. Waiting.

“God, we need a breakthrough. We gotta have You. Use us to be Your hands and may these students see You. Holy Spirit, do Your thing.”

The worship music softly playing in the background helped little to lighten the weight of the atmosphere. Finally, a student slid into the chair and quickly removed his shoes and socks and rolled up his jeans. Wide-eyed he watched as the young minister guided his bare feet into the water and began washing them.

This student had done just about everything he could to cause misery during the young minister’s first year. As if there were no memories of the past, the young minister spoke words loud enough for only the student to hear the prayer. Blessing not cursing. Clearly the student was not prepared for this encounter. After a towel was used to dry his feet, the student rejoined the group and sat with his head in his hands weeping.

Sniffles heard from around the room revealed the tenderness of the moment was not unnoticed. One by one, students and leaders, sat in the chair. That night their pride and resentment and pain were disarmed by the power of humility.

How would one simple act cause such emotion?

Humility is overlooked by the inconsiderate and scorned by the powerful. But, is adored by common man and rewarded by God.  
While Impatience stands with hands on hips tapping her foot, Humility sweetly smiles offering a hand to accomplish the task together. 
With her mouth agape, Demanding is shamed by the very presence of Humility quietly walking through the room. 
When Humility asks the question, “What can I do for you, today,” Stinginess harumphs and crosses her arms in realization she has been exposed. 
As Cruelty and Ignorance point their fingers and hurl insults, Humility drapes her arm around slumped shoulders soothing the wounds with her words. 
All the while Arrogance proudly toasts herself, Humility serves all a cup of refreshment.
An act of the will selflessly seeking to benefit others is the quiet strength Jesus fleshed-out as He served the broken, the spent and the dirty. This powerful substance brings piety to its knees and promotes servants to leadership. It is love in action. A verb. A trait that cannot be faked. Humility is not just a posture, it is the very nature of our Saviour. 

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” Philippians 2:5

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