Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rise Up and Be Great!

Terry & me (with my great, big boots) on "The M" overlooking Missoula, Montana
January 2013 - Almost one month from his heart attack
(photo taken by Lowell Hochhalter)
I love my honey! Few know he has written songs and poems during our marriage. Terry's creativity usually comes from his quiet times when God stirs up something from deep in his heart. If you're needing an extra shot of encouragement, then, this is for YOU!

-Spirit of Courage-

I'm the still, small burn inside you
The ember refusing to relent.
I've been placed here to encourage

I'm the one that God has sent.

Though life has knocked your wind out,
You're still a favorite to One.
You're much stronger than a dark horse,

Breathe deep, get up and run!

Hear the whisper in your spirit?
Hear me calling you to come?
Make a break for the clean air.

Shed the rags of the norm!

Climb over tragedy and average,
Don't be a victim of fate.

You were made to conquer mountains,
Rise up and be great!

Written by Terry G. Allen


  1. Thank you for sharing! Needed that infusion of strength today. The water gets muddy from time to time...sometimes you have to see fresh water to recognize how muddy yours has become.

    1. I like how you think. I read your post to my honey!