Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Make it Home for Christmas

Your city will be lit up with red, green and silver, 
but it will all turn dingy grey if you aren't able to walk down it's streets. 
Your bells will be ringing merry and bright, 
but will start to sound sadly void of joy if you're laughter is not in the air.

Your tree will be beautifully ornamented, 

but it's branches will look empty and bare if you aren't able to rest beside it.

Your home will welcome each passerby with candles in the windows, 

but they will snuff out in darkness if you don't walk up the drive.

Your table will be prepared, set and ready, 

but the food will taste woefully bland
if you aren't in your chair to help us eat it.

You see, there is no one and nothing like you.
No picture, video or memory can replace the feeling of having you home
to warm the room and spread the happy.

So do us all huge favor...be safe and come home, soon, 
because we love and need you.
Drive all night if you have to.
     Fly across the sea.
          Walk the extra mile.
               Crawl through the snow if it takes it...but please...
Make it Home for Christmas!
--Terry Allen

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