Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Smiling at 50: The Language

(My PR / PB as of 03.15.14)
When one embarks on a journey into foreign territory, she must learn (at least some of) the language. 

The running world has a vocabulary unto itself even with regional dialects. But, if one should find herself a little lost and humbly admits she needs direction, there's most always a friendly native to provide guidance. 

I've learned "PR" means Personal Record; however, I was informed by an online running friend, in Europe the term is "PB" for Personal Best. "Tempo Run" has many translations depending on who you ask. Treadmill is occasionally abbreviated to "TM," but almost always referred to as the "dreadmill." Shoes don't drop, they may or may not have a "drop." And, while I'm training for a 10K (6.2 USA miles) in 25 days, I have aspirations for an "HM" in the fall. 

The more I venture out on my own or with my hubby to discover new routes, the more I hope for new and future destinations to snap a quick pic and mentally add to my list of adventures to check-off before they have had a chance to be added! Doesn't really make sense unless you're there.

Hanging out with the citizens of this new land, I am learning what the locals wear and eat and have slowly --I mean sloooowwwly-- moved beyond the Tourist status to something akin to having dual residency. Yay, me! I still stick out due in part to my constant questions, but I'm finding common ground and offer tips to new arrivals!

So, if you're considering a visit to this province, be sure to have another pair of shoes to alternate; matchy-matchy is a dead give-away you're new; gum keeps your mouth moist, make eye contact with all drivers before you cross the road; and give a low, almost undetectable, spread-fingers wave to runners coming toward you. It's kind of like a secret, colloquial code for "You belong."

**By the way, it is my request for a Sonic Route 44 Unsweet Iced Tea with Extra Cranberry to reward all future PRs and at the Purity Moosic City Dairy Dash 10K Finish Line on April 12, 2014!

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