Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pride Abuse

Have you known of people in substance abuse? Individuals who are addicted to a chemical altering their mind, mood and behavior. After some time, the signs of abuse begin to appear outwardly on the body. Their body and brain are so accustomed to the intoxicating properties they cannot function without the next fix. Without intervention, this person will die.

Just as addictive is pride abuse. These abusers seek glory for themselves and live off the high until the next opportunity they can feed their gluttonous need for pride. Sadly, pride abusers fail to see the effects on their lives and on those around them.

How to detect Pride Abuse:
  • A pride abuser is territorial. He/She dislikes sharing anything from the spotlight to authorship of an idea to the same room with someone who has similar talents and comparable strengths.
  • A pride abuser is quick to interject self-praise into conversations, especially when he/she feels under-appreciated or under-praised or someone else is currently receiving the attention.
  • A pride abuser is known by his/her mistreatment of others usually from a pedestal of power as in a leadership position. Rarely are the words like please and thank you uttered, much less any verbal attaboys. From some inner reasoning, this is viewed as a sign of weakness.
  • A pride abuser will never ask for help...unless under duress.
  • A pride abuser does not have healthy relationships. Most relationships are surface and do not extend past how they can serve the abuser. 
  • A pride abuser feels entitled and deserving. All to often, this is expressed in excessive and extravagant indulgences. Typically, these self-indulgent treats are paired with ostentatious displays.
  • A pride abuser will cleverly circumvent protocol or authority to push their idea ahead in attempt to get ownership or praise. Abusers are smart cookies! 
  • A pride abuser's motivations are seeded in jealousy and a fear of losing status.

"Pride can disqualify us from long-term, effective ministry [service or employment]
quicker and more permanently than just about anything."
~Jodi Detrick, author~

How do we combat Pride Abuse in our own lives?
  1. Recognize it and deal with it. Trying to deny it exists or passing it off as talent, confidence or taking initiative will cause the abuse to require more "fixes" to maintain the high.
  2. Serve others quietly. Ask how you can assist with another's task list. Eventually someone will ask you, too!
  3. Keep your mouth shut unless it's to give the praise to others. Boasting can deflate a good deed or helping hand.
Pride, as we all know, can have a useful place of balance in our lives. It is when pride tips the scale in its favor that use becomes abuse.

It's not all inclusive, but if this post registers with you, feel free to comment or pass the link along.


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    1. Thank you! I appreciate you commenting. Pride can be such a heavy anchor.