Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Smiling at 50: New Year's Goal Accomplished!

(photo by Dane Allen)
I did it! Actually, we did it!

Before the clock struck 2014, my friend snapped a pic of my goal for the new year to run a 10K, 6.2 miles. If for no other reason but that photo, I had to accomplish this goal. 

(photo by Giovanna Gomez)

I downloaded one of the free 10K training plans from Coach Jenny Hadfield and made my plan of attack allowing for injuries, schedule and weather. As fate would have it, Tennessee experienced one of the coldest and longest winters on record further proven by our gas and electric bills.

Another reason to accomplish the goal is my age. I will be the big 5-0 years old on June 28 at 8:08am! That's half of a century! Crazy!

My honey was the epitome of encouragement at every step. His words spurred me to get up and go for it when I wanted to stay snuggly and warm in the 20 degree weather. He warned how I would regret not cross-training in Zumba.
Our ImpACT Challenge 2014
Race Bib I wore on my back
for the 10K

Further drive came with the ImpACT Challenge 2014 online group of like-minded friends pursuing weekly fitness and nutrition challenges for a healthier lifestyle. Each week starting in January, we set personal ACTion goals with several challengers deciding on either a 5K or 10K in or near April. 

A 10K is not run just once, but run many times in training prior to the actual event. I chose to run intervals building anaerobic threshold, strengthening muscle and endurance; thus preventing injuries. My "run" is really more like a slow shuffle and I'm a newbie at running so these are truly baby steps forming me into a better athlete. It sounds weird to classify myself as an athlete, still a hard-fought category I have right to claim.
Race swag, bib & chip
On April 12, 2014, together we decided to run "our" race the way we trained and not in competition with any other person or time. My legs were tired from the over-zealous session of Zumba the day before. It's only 6.2 miles, but it's my first; therefore, it feels like 26.2.

The best feeling was to cross the Purity MOOsic City Dairy Dash 10K Finish Line with my hubby, hand-in-hand! My time was slower by several minutes. The next best feeling was to have family and friends cheering us at the finish line!
(photo by Emily Allen)

Now that my New Year's Goal has been accomplished, I've been asked what is next. There are a couple more items, my honey and I want to check off the Smiling at 50 List, but we believe we will continue to run toward more finish lines!

During the timeline of the ImpACT Challenge, I became an I'm Fit Possible Ambassador! Another goal reached! More on that, to come!


  1. congratulations on already accomplishing your new year's goal! 6.2 miles is 6.2 miles, no matter the speed, so you should feel very proud!

    1. Thanks so much, Brittney! I do! I appreciate you saying something!