Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Peel Garlic!

Found a cool trick for peeling many cloves of garlic, at once! 

I was making salsa and another recipe which required, I'm happy to say, much fresh garlic, when I came across one of those short how-to videos by a chef. FUN & NOISY & totally practical! You'll be impressed with yourself!

Bust open the whole clove by using the heel of your hand.

Place individual garlic cloves into a stainless steel bowl. 
(I'm not sure if glass, plastic or ceramic bowls 
would work, but go ahead and give it a try!)

Invert and cover with another stainless steel bowl.

While holding both bowls together, shake vigorously! 
(It's quite noisy!)

Voila! Your individual garlic cloves should be naked!

Nothing's a good as fresh! Go ahead... #playwithyourfood!

Do you have a cool kitchen tip you wanna share below? 

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