Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sweat PInk Summer Instagram Challenge RECAP

From July 1 to July 10, I participated in the Sweat Pink Summer Instagram Challenge sponsored by FitApproach and fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Sister, Jill Conyers, sharing photos with other #sweatpink sisters! Such a fun, healthy and active bunch! Here's the recap of my ten days...

 Day 1: Fave Summer Snack
I like cooling off on the inside with Edy's Outshine Pomegranate Popsicles! That's #pinksnacking!

Day 2: Fave Workout Gear
I love running in skirts! They are cool, comfy and provide the modesty I require when I #runlikeagirl! I have several skirts. If you're interested, check out Skirt Sports!

Day 3: Fave Vacation
My fave is always my last vaction. This pic was on a hike up out of Keystone, Colorado, last summer. Once in sight of the mountains, my body and mind relax. I just had to use one of my fave quotes by John Muir.

Day 4: July 4th
Spent the morning with Terry hiking 2.7 miles in Stones River National Battlefield in Murfreesboro, Tennessee! We learned about the bloodiest 3 days of the Civil War in December 1862, when 81,000 troops gathered and almost 25,000 died.

Day 5: Fave Yoga Pose or Stretch
I don't know what this thing is called! I think I saw Coach Jenny Hadfield do it on YouTube. In this pic: left leg crossed over right leg which is bent and being held behind the knee with left hand (usually both hands, but I had the camera in my right hand). Allow left hip, glute and IT Band to open up. Then, change legs. I prob made it sound so confusing! But, it hurts so good like a #bendypretzel!

Day 6: Sweat Pink in Nature
If by "in nature" you mean... "Outside Pool" on a Sunday for a Preacher's wife while helping my vacationing neighbors... HA! This is my #dayofrest after I fed my neighbors' animals.

Day 7: Fave Way to Sweat Pink during my fun Zumba zweat hour with fun friends! Zumba fitness has and continues to make me stronger for running. I tried to draw attention the sweat drops all over my head! 

Day 8: Fave Book
My current fave read is by author and seasoned leader, Jodi Detrick, who believes "If you have the heart, you can learn the skill." Develop 10 Leadership Qualities for Enduring & Endearing Influence. I did a review on this blog. See Book Review at Book Review: The Jesus-Hearted Woman.

Day 9: Sweat Pink with a Friend
Terry, my [best] friend & hubby, of almost 29 years and I went for a run! He is my inspiration and motivation!

I did a blog post for Newbie Runners and posted the pic of my Brooks Pure Glycerin lightweight runners with the Sweat Pink Ambassador Shoelaces!

Day 10: Fave Summer Activity
For the final post of the challenge, I chose to go barefoot! #nakedtoes #southerngirl #chickenmcnuggettoes #crinklecutfriestoes #summertoes #happytoes and #sweatpinktoes!!!

Thanks, Jill & Fit Approach, for 10 days of summer fun in the sun!

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