Monday, July 7, 2014

That Which Was Lost

When Jesus spoke these words, He had just invited himself to dinner with a man who had let greed (and short-man syndrome) govern his life. During those hours reclining around the table, the savior spoke life back into a man who had lost something from the time he was a boy to just before the moment he, now an adult, climbed a tree to see the Savior walk by. 

We lose stuff daily and are not aware we have misplaced glasses, keys, cell phones and t.v. remotes until that item is needed. Frantically rushing around the house, we attempt to recall the last time we saw it.

What if we lost something more valuable? 

Hope. Dreams. Talent. Joy. Desire. Self-esteem. Creativity. Passion. (You name it.)

What if for years, because of failures or distractions we kept choking down the lie that we'll never do or become what our younger selves set out to accomplish? When did life become about surviving instead of thriving? 

Feared lost, that uniqueness which God created in us is still there, buried deep under years of numbing denial of its existence. Perhaps the only reminder being the sting of contempt for ourselves ever having thought it was possible. 

All is not lost.

I believe the Son of God came to save us from sin. I am convinced He can help us locate and reignite the spark we slowly allowed to be snuffed out. Hope. Dreams. Talent. Joy. Desire. Self-esteem. Creativity. Passion. (You name it.) I know Jesus came to find us...every part of us.

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