Saturday, November 8, 2014

FITober 2014

I have known people who pine over their youth when turning 50. Not me! I decided before the half-century event to tackle...well, whatever needed tackling! It just happened that a couple of major fitness events happened in October, thus FITober!

In June, the hubby and I signed up for The Middle Half, the half marathon of Middle Tennessee, touted to be flat and fast for runners. We trained throughout the humid months of summer in the South when the air seemed as thick as lotion. When traveling, we even got in a few enjoyable runs in the dry, hot West.

Early on October 11th, my hubby and I joined over 3000 other runners, walkers and wheelchair athletes to claim 13.1 miles in support of local charities. The weather was cool with a heavy mist. Perfect for a slow shuffler-runner like me. I kicked-in to intervals after the first 5 miles.

My first goal was to finish before the time clock turned to 3 hours. My second goal? To stay ahead of the "sweeper" truck picking up the stragglers before the road opened to traffic. It was a great experience running with the pack that moved and talked and laughed, together.

Hubby finished at 2:34:41 and waited for me hollering as I crossed the finish line at 2:51:01! YES! Both goals tackled! It was the hardest thing I've ever done.
The group from Life Assembly
Church in Mt. Juliet, TN
Jani & hubby, Peter, met us at
finish line with balloons!

The following weekend I used some United Airlines miles to get myself up to Minneapolis to take part in the REFIT® Revolution Master Class and Instructor Training, "a positive movement inspired by faith and powered by community!"
Thanks to REFIT Founders,
Catherine & Angela!
REFIT® is a "revolu-tionary cardio dance program that engages the whole person -- body, mind and soul." During my (and hubby's) new, two year lifestyle of fitness and nutrition, I had been talking about having a fit body, a fit mind and a fit spirit, but had not known that was the strategic vision of REFIT®!  It was at the conclusion of the Master Class on Friday evening there was a difference in the atmosphere and I knew this to be a perfect fit for me!

What a great weekend with other fitness revolutionaries as we became the next batch of certified instructors!  I'm embarrassed to admit in my enthusiasm I proclaimed myself as the first Tennessee instructor. I, now, seriously doubt that claim. I'm a goof...but a fit goof!

I raise my goblet of green smoothie and toast to a great year to be 50...with silver strands in my hair... and a wonderful FITober, tackled!

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