Tuesday, January 13, 2015

For the Newbie Runner: Part 4

Walking: Not for the Wussy

Just because this series is labeled for the newbie runner does NOT exclude those who walk! I spoke with an ER technician who sees less injuries from walking than any other sport. For those who are starting from a sedentary lifestyle, walking is the perfect launch into a fit lifestyle. Most everyone can walk! Walking strengthens muscles and immune systems. Walking is the first activity a cardiologist requires of heart patients before leaving the hospital. Walking is a necessary warm-up and cool-down for joggers and runners. Walking is my choice for when I need to run, but experience the Idontwannas.

Start with a simple goal. Perhaps, at the local park or track you set a goal for a quarter mile or more. Go at a pace you feel comfortable. When you feel tired, try "fishing." Spot a person or an object and walk to that point. Remember, the first two weeks of any fitness launch is the hardest. Keep at it, get out there and walk, newbies!

Apps:  Help or Hinderance?

There are so many digital tools to assist those who are getting fit. When you pair the smartphone with a fitness app, the convenience and motivation can be a terrific boost and accountability. Many fitness and mileage apps provide an online version with even more details and friend searches. While most of these apps are free of charge, some offer an elite upgrade at set pricing for in-depth stats and "coaching."

Two apps which my hubby and I utilize and integrate with one another are RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal. While the latter helps to daily log your caloric intake, it factors the calories burned in RunKeeper (walking, running, etc.) against the totals for the day! Now, that's helpful! The only downer I've experienced is on some overcast days when RunKeeper wigs-out on my location and mileage.

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