Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Voice of God

Psalm 29. The voice of God. Powerfully exact with one word. Merely the sound of it strikes with lightening! 

I am frightened and more than humbled to realize there is surely an incredible degree to which His voice is tempered when speaking to tiny me.

God speaks. I am rebuked, but not annihilated.

Insignificance and favor and holy fear braid themselves around my soul leaving me without voice.

God speaks. I am extracted, yet remain whole.

With hidden pride, selfish motive and miserly method instantly clarified, I am rendered undone.

God speaks. I am pure.

Blessed with peace and strength, I am, now, full with His voice.

Can you relate?


  1. Yes, and what a wonderful blog post. Perfect!

    1. Thanks, Holly - I'm so glad His Voice (written down) connected with your spirit. He loves us so much!