Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Book Review: Think Differently, Live Differently

Think Differently, Live Differently: Keys to a Life of Freedom

by Bob Hamp
Thinking Differently Press, 2010

Thomas Nelson, 2011

While surfing the internet, one evening, and looking for new reads by Robert Morris, author of A Blessed Life, I happened on Bob Hamp's book being released that very evening. If memory serves, he was in countdown mode to its release. I opted-in figuring anyone who is on staff at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, and has forewords by Pastor Robert Morris and Kari Jobe must be a pretty good fella! He's just gotta be! He and I exchanged tweets during the downloading process.

The story of a child adopted by farmers and who, later, discovers his biological family wrangled my heart reminding some part of my younger self 's memories that I was made for more. I wish I had this book when I was a young adult.

Bob Hamp, a professional counselor, mentor to leaders and executive pastor, provides a casual approach to sensitive life-issues many people have buried deep in their soul, yet it affects their present behavior often chaining them from experiencing the real life they desire. 

What is lasting freedom? Is it attainable? How comfortable are you with being alone with yourself? What are counterfeits to freedom? Do I constantly question myself?

Reading this book must surely be like what it is to spend an hour having coffee with your best friend, Bob, as he pours truth (spiritual and knowledge) into your spirit offering hope from bondage and brokenness. If you feel "stuck and getting stucker," I encourage you to download or order this easy-to-understand resource.

Bob Hamp has written a new leadership book, Think Differently, Lead Differently, I cannot wait to dive into!

Visit Bob Hamp's website for more resources including the study guide and an audio book if you find listening to your book proves easier with your busy lifestyle.

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