Tuesday, June 2, 2015

REFIT Love Rules Challenge Day 2

REFIT® is a fitness program that builds community. One way we build community is by loving people. 
Sounds simple, right? WRONG.

Loving people can often be messy, and that's why this month we're sharing some of the ‪#‎LoveRules‬ that power our community.


Eye contact is hard to get these day, and often harder to give. But eye contact can be one of the most meaningful displays of love you can demonstrate. Be intentional with your eye contact this month in the following ways:

--The next time you're on an elevator with a stranger, look at them and say hello. 
--When you're at dinner with the family, put the phone away and look at the person talking. 
--If you owe someone an apology or appreciation, look them in the eye and give it. 
--When checking out at the grocery store, look your cashier in the eye and tell him thank you.

Eye contact can be powerful and meaningful, so don't let this form of communication become obsolete. Give the look of love to someone who needs it today!

**Don't forget that by sharing this post, you could win a really cool Love Bomb valued at $100! Here's how to enter:
➡ Follow & mention @REFITREV
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See? Sharing the love is super easy--so go do it!

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